Welcome to smart school uniform. Be admired.

We want your choice of uniform to be admired. We want it to be smart, stylish and practical, hard wearing and inclusive. This has been our goal for more than 30 years and that is the reason that we are still proudly producing sweatshirts and cardigans in Newcastle, Staffordshire.


Why Us? 

  • We understand that every school is different and requires its own inclusive uniform solution. smart provides tailored solutions to meet your requirements.
  • You can rely on our experienced and welcoming staff to kit out pupils of every size, shape and height to your specific instructions.
  • Long life is key to our reputation. Save time and money because smart uniform stays smart for longer.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing 

  • smart believe in environmentally friendly manufacturing, delivering locally made high quality goods to reduce transport carbon emissions and waste. Each smart garment lasts at least twice as long as standard supermarket items, cuttingproduction emissions in half, helping the planet and delivering extraordinary value.

Ask us: 

With our experience of manufacturing, purchasing and retailing all kinds of school uniform we may be uniquely qualified to help you find a uniform solution. Please ask us we are here to help.